Monday, July 22, 2013

A Fashionable Mentor!

The dictionary defines a mentor as A. A counselor or guide & B. A tutor or coach. Mrs. Takisha Sanders-Polk are all of thee above & more. She has majored in fashion design at LSU & owns a boutique.. Baggage Boutique that is. She pushes & motivates me so much to get out here & handle my business. She teaches me the ropes of the fashion industry & encourages me to stay focused. She always checks on me to see what's next, what's in store, & how things are going whether it's fashion or life related. Mrs. Takisha is there when I need her & is the true definition of a mentor. She has had a major impact on my life & from the bottom of my heart I thank her for being so willing to help me understand the fashion industry & push me to attain what I need to excel. She has a great personality, spirit, and most importantly a huge heart. So this post is dedicated to my fashionable mentor Mrs. Takisha Sanders-Polk! Love you bunches!!
XoXo Dee

The "So Crave" Collection!

As the school year approaches, I want girls to go back to school in style! I have selected a few items to display in a collection called "So Crave.". This will be a mini series of tasteful items for those fashion lovers that want to make a big fashion statement on their first day! I have left a sneak peek of wallets below!! Stay tuned!!
XoXo Dee

Monday, July 15, 2013

Back To School 101: Backpacks

When going back to school, you have to have the hottest backpacks! You probably won't put any books in it because it's too dope for that.. Lol!! Here are just a few options... Hope you enjoy!

XoXo Dee

A Few of My Current Faves!

Below are just a few of my current favorites!
XoXo Dee