Wednesday, December 26, 2012

4 Ways To Wear A Scarf!

Today, I found one of my favorite scarves! I know the whole turn your scarf into headwear trend is in! I gave it a try and I sort of liked the results! One being inspired by June Ambrose, the others being just everyday wears such as the headwrap, the bow, and what I call the African head wrap! The results are below! Pictures were taken on my new laptop.. yay! lol Enjoy! XoXo Dee <3
 African Head wrap!

 Head wrap!

 June Ambrose inspired! <3

 The famous bow!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hello Classy Closet Meet Baggage!

My Classy Closet, owned by the fabulous Ms.Paris Hatcher is collaborating with Baggage Boutique! This collab is bound to be a dynamic one! Come out Saturday to 3501 Tchoupitoulas St! Snack, Mingle, & Shop with Classy Closet & Baggage Boutique! Meet Ms.Paris (Classy Closet Owner) & Alaina, Takisha, Elizabeth (Baggage Owners)! Come out & shop!
Ms. Paris: @SexyMeetsClassy
Alaina: @itsjustalaina
Takisha: @kskouture
Elizabeth: @letsjustmakeup
Baggage: @claimedbaggage
Happy Shopping!
XoXo Dee

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Introducing LovebyMC!

Today, I had the chance to interview a very sweet young lady who is a jewelry designer who will dominate the armcandy industry with her eye for collaborating beautiful pieces & beads just to your exact taste! Yum! Below is the interview I had with her:

How did you get started with Love by MC? - I've been making jewelry for about 3 years now. I actually stopped to focus on school. One day I needed a piece to wear with an outfit so I made it. When I wore it out, people kept asking where'd I'd purchased the piece & I told them I made it. Next thing you know I was making pieces.

How'd you come up with the name Love by MC? -Love came from me being able to make everything you love. If you love wooden beads, you can have it. Love crosses, here it is. Just being able to give you what you love!

What would you say inspires you to keep making jewelry? - Creativity. Knowing that I can make anything, that anything is possible. Whether I'm looking in a magazine, wanting to imitate a piece or looking around & seeing colors or the sunset. Just taking in everything around me & knowing I can make whatever it is! Also, people! When you get those supporters who love your pieces more than you.

How would you say your experience with this journey has been so far?
- It's been exciting. It has definitely been a blessing. Everything happened so fast! I'd just resumed creating for 2 weeks & now I'm here (Baggage Boutique).

LovebyMC has a special collection available at Baggage Boutique! Check it out! XoXo Dee
Facebook: LovebyMCJewelry
Instagram: LovebyMC

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hello Baggage, I'm Love by MC!

This weekend an armcandy launch party is being thrown at Baggage Boutique! This young lady is an extraordinaire in bringing you the hottest armcandy! From crosses to skulls to skittle color coded bracelets, she does it all! These pieces could be a great stocking stuffer for the holidays! Come shop with Baggage for Love by MC & get a FREE custom piece made on the spot! An event you do not want to miss! 3501 Tchoupitoulas St from 3-6! Have you found love?
Instagram: LovebyMc & claimedbaggage
Owners Instagram: itsjustalaina, kskouture, & letsjustmakeup!
XoXo Dee

Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Classy Closet Meets Baggage Boutique!

My Classy Closet, a boutique owned by a fabulous woman by the name of Paris Hatcher! Her eye for clothing is unique & so everly stylish! Baggage Boutique, a boutique owned by three three astounding women! Their collective decisions to bring you the best clothing, jewelry, handbags, makeup, & shoes are bananas! This collaboration is a blueprint to dominate the New Orleans fashion world! Stay tuned! Four great minds keeping you up to style/trends in the fashion world! Enjoy! XoXo Dee
Model: Love Ashley B! Instagram: Ashley B!