Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bella Dame Bijoux :)

Recently, I have been on a hunt for designers, boutiques, etc that are doing their thing! I discovered Bella Dame Bijoux! The designer is amazing! These are only a few of the pieces she has done I would love for everyone to go check out her designs! I personally love her pieces! Here is the website if you are interested! XoXo! Dee :)

Classic & Unique! :)

I recently discovered a site that has the most classic pieces I have seen! These pieces are totally unique and stylish! Original and unlike any others! They are eye catching and fit for a trendsetter!  I love love love these pieces, they are so me! If they are so you too here is the website below! XoXo Dee :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baggage LLC Has It All! :)

Hello all wonderful readers and bloggers! Today I would like to do a post on three beautiful women that have a phenomenal business! Together they united and a business with a passion for fashion was born! Baggage LLC, is a one stop shop minus the expensive price tag! If you love unique, stylish, and classy pieces I recommend Baggage LLC the place to shop! Very sheek pieces but minus the spending every last penny on one item! Job well done ladies! I hope you all enjoy and here is the link below! XoXo

Saturday, April 7, 2012

On A Mission For Shoes!

I recently put a picture of these shoes on my tumblr blog! Since my tumblr post go directly to my twitter my followers can view them or what not! So a church member of mine replied and said she needed them and to let her know where she can find them! So me being the stylist I am searched for these shoes as if I were on a mission. I found them with success! A designer named Frisk! She is a marvelous designer! Xoxo

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I decided to try this new inspiration! I love it so much because it is so different! It is so me and I so had to get my nails done like this! It came out pretty well and I am very pleased with them! XoXo

Fun Day in New Orleans :)

Fun day out! Riding around on a nice day in New Orleans! I felt so great that day so I decided my outfit should express my mood! I went with the vibrant colors of my romper which was a statement all by itself. So I kept it chill but sheek by adding a jean jacket with buttons and my toms (I have not been able to release them from my feet). Lol, I summed up my outfit with my black purse that can be worn two different ways and my white shades! XoXo :)
Romper: Wet Seal, Toms: Gift, Jacket: Thrifted, Watch: Gift