Sunday, December 15, 2013

Plaid for the Season!!!

I love this look for a cold day! So chic & stylish but also appropriate for the season! Plaid is so in right now too!! So go for it!! XoXo Dee 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chanel This, Chanel That!

Loving this Chanel cube purse! It is beyond adorable & I want it!! Lol, but seriously this design is so unique & different & that is why I love it so much!! Put against this white dress it definitely stands out & pops! Love that!! What do you think? XoXo Dee

Outfit Chaos!

A few outfits that I thought were super cute & nicely put together! I found these during the summer & thought it was perfect for the summer season! What do you think? XoXo Dee

Hair for the gods!!

Talk about hair for the gods!!! Lilly's hair is always on it!! I love her style & taste!! Yes to the big hair, it looks amazing on her!! XoXo Dee 

Gold Overload!

I am so loving the gold shoes in this photo!! The print of the skirt definitely makes the shoes pop! And let's not forget the Louis Vuitton mini bag.. Adorable!! Love this! XoXo

Chanel, Gold, & Lace!

This gold Chanel purse is so much life!! OMG!!!! Like, please I need this in my life!!! Also, lace bralettes are like the hottest thing now! They are super cute to wear with a high wasted skirt &/or a cute cropped blazer! My current obsessions! XoXo Dee 

Street Style 101: Jordan Sparks

Jordan Sparks is giving me amazing street style!! I am loving the love sweat pants paired with the shirt! And the Adidas? Yes, ma'am! When did Jordan get a tattoo sleeve? 😯 Lol. Anyway, I love the street style look & the slick ponytail was the best choice! XoXo Dee

Impeccable 30!

Adrienne Ballion celebrated her 30th birthday in impeccable style. This dress is gorgeous!!! I mean simply gorgeous. It has a goddess touch to it to allow her to stand out from anybody!! Fierce honey, fierce!! Loving it! She looks amazing for 30!! I need to find the designer of this dress, stay tuned because when I do I will do a post on whoever it is!! XoXo Dee

Best Dressed Couple of 2013!

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union are my best dressed couple of 2013! Individually, they both have impeccable taste & style. Combining them together makes for an even tasteful look. Below are a few pictures, see for yourself why I love them so much! XoXo Dee 


I am so loving this sweater!! It is so different! Different color snake skin? I live!! Super cute & very stylish for the cold days! A cute pair of jeans with a few cute outs and lace tights underneath paired with this sweater with some white pumps with a huge gold buckle & a gold watch! Perfect cold day outfit! XoXo Dee 

Morning Obsession!!

Loving this dress!! XoXo Dee